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My Practice with Adolescents, their Parents, and Schools: 

A Strength-Based Approach


Adolescence is a time of many changes and new challenges.  It is also an opportunity for teens to grow and thrive in unexpected ways.  With Creative Strategies for Well-Being, I offer health and self-care skills to parents and teachers for use in guiding teens through their adolescence.  I also work directly with pre-teens to post-college adults, helping them to recognize their strengths, manage stress, and navigate the world. They learn to develop solid friendships, ask for support, be street-wise, and stay safe.


Through my conversations and exercises with adolescents, they gain skills to help them:


  • Stay emotionally and physically safe

  • Foster resilience

  • Cultivate emotional and social intelligence

  • Clarify their values about difficult issues such as sexuality, addictions and cyberspace

  • Experience new feelings of wellness

  • Embrace their struggles with equanimity

  • Find new ways to honor themselves

  • Develop positive self-regard and new narratives for generating happiness

  • Apply the tools of modern psychology and brain science to everyday life


My Practice with Adults


Through all the decades I’ve worked with adolescents and their families, I’ve also worked with my own generation of baby-boomers, examining our many stages of adult development. Sometimes we still see echoes of our teenage selves, feeling a new urgency to explore our old dreams. Sometimes we’re ready to enact new parts of ourselves in totally unexpected ways. 


Thank you for spending time on these pages.  You'll find specialized resources at the Adults, Parents, Schools, and Adolescents pages, and a list of topics for workshops and individual conversations on the Topics page. I hope that this website gives you an idea of the range of work I do.  I'd be happy to talk with you about it.


Please contact me and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can.



Whether as a parent, a teacher, a professional in the work place, a partner, or a student, we can all find new balance, develop resilience, and build more satisfying and effective relationships. I facilitate this through a process I call “truth listening”; I believe that creating space to listen is the key to knowing what we need. The techniques I teach give us more time to fulfill our responsibilities, engage with what we really care about, and create the future we wish to enact.

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