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Working in Schools


  • Training in Health and Wellness topics

  • Designing a comprehensive life skills curriculum 

  • Promoting Kindness, Resilience, and Well-Being in the life of the school


Enacting the Curriculum


I offer faculty and staff training, all-school assembly presentations, and small group work with students.  My Health & Life Skills Curriculum includes tools from the fields of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness. This work fosters inner strength, builds resilience, and promotes self-care and healthy decision-making.  


In all of my workshops and curriculum development I emphasize life enhancing skills.  The tools are both simple and profound; they help us find serenity within, while expanding our choices and avenues for growth.  All the workshops enable participants to tap into their emotional and social intelligence and help them gain clarity, build resilience, and offer avenues for fulfillment and purposefulness. 


Click here for some workshops I’ve designed and led;  I can take elements of each to customize a program for your school.  These programs are equally adaptable to camps, youth groups, and community centers.  Also, please see the Adolescents page for more specifics.




Formats for student, parent, or faculty and staff  training can be:

  • a one-time 1-2 hour workshop

  • a series of faculty meetings that convene periodically/ or a Wellness Program for students that  builds on itself a few times each year

  • a series of seminars in consecutive weeks for faculty, students or parents

  • a week “in-residence” program where I work with the whole school community 

Faculty feel supported in the
in-service workshops, as they learn how to apply the techniques I use with students to themselves. As a result there is often increased trust and cooperation among the faculty.  


My all-school assemblies and smaller group classes are designed for the age group and population you wish me to serve.  I prefer to work with the parents of your students whenever that is possible, creating a parallel training for them, so that the entire school community can coalesce around a theme and approach. 

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