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Topics for Workshops and Individual Discussions

Health and Well-Being


  • “Mindfulness and Meditation”    Mindfulness and Meditation can be combined with any subject you choose

  • "Thriving not Surviving: Adolescence is not something to be suffered through” 

  • “First comes awareness; then comes flexibility, equanimity, and laughter”

  • “Finding the calm within”

  • “Resilience and Stress Management”

  • “Making the most of our fears and vulnerability”

  • “Rewiring the Brain:  Happiness, disappointment, and equanimity”

  • “Applying the tools of Positive Psychology and Happiness theories”

  • “The Curse and Blessing of Sensitivity:  artist, musician, poet, or athlete”

  • “Neuroscience made fun and simple: skills for wisdom, energy, and reducing our anxiety”

  • "Diagnoses as our friendly guides: OCD, ADD, or anywhere we fit on the spectrum”


Addictive Patterns and Substances

This includes cravings, numbing, soothing behaviors as well as what we think of as addictions.  Topics range from sugar to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs; sleep; sexual activity; and cyberspace.


  • “Fear and shame: Manage, minimize, and melt them into useful guides”

  • “Truth Listening: What am I trying so hard to avoid?”

  • “Reaching for a substance: It’s not about weakness; and it comes from a healthy impulse in you.”

  • “Why brownies help: and what else should I do?”

  • “Listening to my hungers--all of them”

  • "Food for Thought:  Choosing food for pleasure, energy, and health"


Healthy Sexuality


  • “Staying safe in cyberspace”

  • “Life in real time: devices and the rest of our lives”

  • “Deal breakers, negotiables, and not-so-easy decisions”

  • “When is ‘safe sex’ not safe?”

  • “Bringing your heart along with your body”

  • “Intimacy-what's that? Mutuality, consent, and love"

  • "Gender and sexual identity"

  • “Your body will tell you if you listen”

  • “Techniques for rape and assault prevention: Your martial arts flips are not your best weapon"


Community Service, Social Justice, and Spirituality


  • "Ethics Meets Activism"

  • "Going Beyond Our Comfort Zones"

  • "Multi-culturalism, Diversity, and All of Us"

  • "Service, Meaning, and Purpose"

  • "New Perspectives in Psychology:  Applying Psychology in Everyday Life"

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