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Reaching Our Potential


We yearn for many things--loving relationships, time for pleasures, meaningful days, and purpose--all while we’re constantly seeking the energy and wisdom to embrace the competing challenges as they come along, and we want to handle them well.


My work with clients centers around helping you to create space to listen to whatever parts of your life are asking for your attention—- to make room for more clarity, as you acquire new skills to determine what really matters to you.


Drawing from the fields of relational, narrative, and positive psychology, I hope to help you learn new ways to honor your needs and your life. We’ll take the knowledge of what neuroscience has taught us in the last decade about self-care and healing as you learn to tap into your strengths and experience lasting well-being.


My intention is to help you be an expert on your own life, tapping into your own emotional and social intelligence. Whether you’re looking at yourself in relation to work, family, or friendships, or thinking about next stages of your professional life, or entering retirement, the tools I offer can help you listen deeply to yourself, in order to access new satisfaction and equanimity.


Through our conversations you can learn:


  • “Mindful attention and focus”    

  • “Relaxation and meditation skills:  finding the calm within”

  • “Resilience and stress management”

  • “Making the most of our fears and vulnerability”

  • “Rewiring the brain:  happiness, disappointment, and equanimity”

  • “Applying the tools of Positive Psychology and Happiness theories”

  • “Neuroscience made fun and simple: skills for wisdom, energy, and reducing our anxiety”


 Please contact me if you'd like to set up a time for us to talk.

This work is relevant 
for those of you who want to know more about your own capacity for resilience; who want to experience the complexities of your lives with more grace and clear thinking;  and who ultimately will find more happiness as you recognize the strengths within you.

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