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For Adolescents


My Process


I hope to help you address what’s difficult and scary, and offer ways to manage, minimize, and utilize your fears. Through our conversations, you will learn to use your own vulnerability as a friendly and welcome guide, and let go of toxic shame.  I help you approach yourself without judgment, while taking responsibility for yourself in new ways.  This is done by helping you pay deep attention to what you need, and then creating space to help you give honor to your life, making room for clarity, compassion, and new fulfillment.


Learn How To:


  • Take care of responsibilities and manage stress so that there’s still time to enact your passions and dreams.

  • Address difficult issues such as food, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, sexual activity, and cyberspace.

  • Practice relaxation and self-nurturance though meditations
    (sitting still or in motion.)

  • Utilize visualization tools for self-respectful outcomes.
    and compassionate actions

  • Develop healthy time management, eating and sleeping patterns.

  • Make stress work for you:  cortisol, serotonin, dopamine, and serenity.

  • Apply tools from the fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and the Brain, and everyday Health and Well-Being.

  • Navigate friendships, intimacy, and both peer group and societal pressure.

  • Make successful transitions: to high school, to college, and to other destinations

  • Be Safe:  rape and sexual assault prevention techniques.

  • Get support with questioning, or with the coming-out process for both LGBTQQA teens or their families.  Address heteronormative assumptions.

  • Examine the strengths of Alternative Learning Styles or additional
    experiences of Otherness.

  • Acquire Cultural Competency, Social Justice skills and Multicultural perspectives

  • Live with Intention, and create safe spaces both within community
    and when alone.


It has been an honor and a privilege for me to get to know thousands of adolescents as their counselor, teacher, and advisor, and to listen to their concerns.  I have learned much from them, wisdom that I bring to my work every day. 


Workshops for Adolescents



Other Services for Families


Sexuality, Gender, and Other

I help parents navigate a respectful process for any new aspects of identity, values, or philosophies that your child is developing. These include sexual orientation and gender identity issues (LGBTQQA), and extend to the many cultural, ethnic, spiritual, and religious subjects your child may wish to explore.  
I have done much training in cultural competency and anti-bias work. I  can talk about these issues with the parents or child alone, or I can help bring the family together for safe, respectful conversation.


Community Service
and Social Justice

I have helped hundreds of students become engaged in meaningful volunteer service, learning how to enact their lives with purpose and significance. When students discover ways to make a difference in the world, their self-esteem often increases and their decision-making can become more sound.   The fulfillment they experience allows for new feelings of well-being and happiness.    


College Essays

I am trained as an English teacher, and I have developed the ability to help students choose topics for college essays that are completely their own and show them to be unique people with depth and passions.  After the topic is decided, I’m there as their coach, as I teach the editing skills necessary to create a crisp narrative that sparkles, engages the reader, and is still totally the work of your child. 

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