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From Students:

Joyce is a constant inspiration. She has a unique ability to listen to what people are saying and make them feel that they have been heard.   Her ability to celebrate the joys in life, as well as acknowledge and work through the struggles, is admirable and encouraging. I find extreme comfort in knowing that I can tell her anything.  Joyce's advice is invaluable--I completely trust her suggestions, and I never hesitate to ask for her perspective. I am extremely lucky to have Joyce in my life, and am forever appreciative and grateful for her knowledge, strengths, advice, and support--all of which make her truly exceptional.

Heather, Concord, MA


In a world where being black and female is a double negative, Joyce was able to make me feel empowered in my identity. She allowed me to question the challenges and create answers that not only solved my problems but allowed me to create solutions for others. Through Joyce's dedication and countless moments of inspiration I am the leader I am today. And for that, I am most thankful!

Briana C, Brooklyn, New York


Joyce has the beautiful ability to fully notice you. When I am in Joyce's presence, I am present; I am seen; I am heard. She is a fountain of knowledge, yet she also knows how and when to step back and listen. A conversation with Joyce is always an immense gift. 

Sylvie, Cambridge, MA


Aside from my own family, Joyce has been the most influential person in shaping my success professionally and personally.   For those who may find it difficult to approach their own parents with personal fears, struggles, concerning friendships, or confusion over dealing with a mistake, Joyce makes herself readily available in a non-judgmental way that says "I understand, I care, and what can we do to help you feel better about this?" Rather than telling students what to do, she guides them through decisions in a way that builds their skills for the future. Two years out of college, I credit Joyce with my successes every day, and can't imagine where I'd be today without the support and encouragement of this amazing and inspiring woman.

KG, Boston, MA


The continued strength of my relationship with Joyce into my college years is a testament to how invested she is in individuals, and how capable she is at relating to people from all walks of life. She is masterful at dealing with students’ and parents' varying emotional and therapeutic needs.  Her warmth, patience and wisdom are rare to find in today's fast-paced society. Joyce still helps me stay grounded and access the meaning I seek in life.

SC, Cambridge, MA


Joyce has an amazingly big heart and always amazed me with her ability to accept me and her other students as whole people with many complexities. She always saw our potential even when we couldn't.

MR, Somerville, MA

From Parents: 


Joyce’s expertise is vast.  Her calm and kind demeanor, coupled with her honesty and approachability to talk about any subject make her a magnet for teens to open up to… She offers invaluable insight, wisdom and guidance to parents as they navigate any and all issues with their kids.   

JL, Concord, MA


Joyce has that rare combination of both deep compassion and intellectual brilliance. Joyce encourages kids, as well as adults, to honor themselves. This notion is at the root of the guidance she offers to people. Encouraging people to listen to their inherent wisdom increases their understanding and awareness,
while empowering them to move their lives in the
desired direction.

PW, Concord, MA


Joyce could easily write books and curricula on the topics of wellness, emotional health, health education, and others.  Joyce's genuine respect and empathy put people at ease and build a high level of trust.

CSW Parent, Weston, MA


As a wife, mother of two daughters, and a busy physician, I greatly appreciate Joyce's approach in helping me truly connect with the people in front of me, so that I can be more effective and present in all of my relationships.  This helps decrease my stress and improve my overall well-being.  Joyce has a wide variety of techniques in her tool kit, which she uses with equanimity and grace.

Ana B, Worcester, MA  


Joyce helped our son during his transition to college in his Senior year. What was wonderful about the way that she worked with him and our family, was her ability to infuse a great deal of trust and respect throughout the process.  Joyce practices active listening and latches on to the very favorable aspects of any individual or situation to shed light on the positives that can be harnessed to constructively shift behaviors, or dynamics that may be interfering with personal growth and well being.  

AB, Massachusetts


Joyce has been very good in helping my son calm his anxiety and has shown him ways to reduce and redirect the anxious thoughts.  She quickly learned about his particular needs and strengths so she could develop customized coping techniques for him.

AS, Western Massachusetts


From Faculty and School Administrators:

Joyce’s ability to relate and understand teenagers has always impressed. The depth of her knowledge of adolescent development and her compassionate heart are simply extraordinary.  The kids relied on her for love, acceptance, and support. I know many who would have not finished high school had it not been for Joyce.

AD, Weston, MA


Joyce is intelligent, thoughtful, creative and inclusive as a teacher and advisor. Joyce's wisdom in guiding high school students to prepare for college has helped many to have fulfilling college experiences.  Joyce is patient and understanding in her approach when working with high school students and their parents.

DS, Concord, MA


Over the years I have watched Joyce work with compassion and skill with countless students.  She has a wealth of experience and a deep well of commitment to the well-being of teens.

WSL, Roslindale, MA 


Joyce is able to accomplish two important goals.  First, she is able to be a compassionate and empathic guide without being judgmental.  Second, she is able to empower students to blaze their own paths forward, carrying those qualities of compassion and empathy with them.

GH, Arlington, MA


Joyce is a mindful gardener--she digs in carefully at the root to unearth the best of what is yet to be seen in others.  This wisdom can only come from someone who has devoted her life in service and commitment to justice and peace.

​JE, UMass, Boston


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